How We Work

  • All orders take between 3 and 6 weeks (approximately) to complete. Large orders can take longer.
  • Once completed, items will be couriered or posted to you.
  • None of the items shown are ready-made.
  • We do not have a factory. All items are made by us on an order by order basis, which means it takes time.
  • We do not have a physical store to visit. We are an online business only
Made in SA

Our Current Sale

The Back Seat Protector


What We Make


Dog and Cat Bedding and Accessories

Our products for dogs and cats. Many other animals can use these items as well.

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Small Animal Bedding and Cage Accessories

Our products for small animals such as Marmosets, Hedgehogs, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, etc

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Small Animal Nappies / Clothing / Toys

A selection of Clothing, Nappies, Harnesses and Toys for Marmoset Monkeys.

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Embroidery Options

Add some embroidery to your products. See our selection of images and add your pets name.

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Car Seat Protector SALE